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PRDS Behavior Intervention

PRDS provides behavior intervention under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).  All procedures are based upon the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.


All school staff members are certified in non-violent crisis intervention, a two day training provided by the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) certified trainers. Recertification trainings are held regularly.

Positive behavior supports are part of the general structure of each classroom.  These include daily schedules, activity schedules, visual supports, token boards, AAC supports, and reinforcement systems. We minimize the use of physical interventions and separate time-out areas. Students are encouraged and supported to make good choices throughout the day.

When necessary, a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) of a student is conducted to determine the underlying function of behaviors.  Methods include staff and parent questionnaires, preference assessments of potential reinforcers, direct observations, ABC data, and functional analysis.  The information obtained from the FBA guides the development of an appropriate behavior intervention plan.

Once a plan is developed, data are continuously collected and reviewed to determine the effectiveness of the interventions.  Behavior plans are revised as needed or updated at the annual review meeting.

Staff trainings are conducted throughout the year on various topics, including defining behaviors, collecting data, conducting functional assessments, and developing antecedent-based and consequence-based strategies.  Team meetings are held to troubleshoot current behavior interventions and to train staff on new behavior management plans.

Parent involvement is highly encouraged.  A parent training workshop regarding  behavior management techniques is offered each year.  Home visits and school meetings can be scheduled to develop behavior intervention strategies in the home or to generalize skills learned at school.

Behavior Intervention