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PRDS Transportation









Student transportation to PRDS is arranged through the student's home/sending school district. When the sending district has a delayed opening due to inclement weather, the student will be transported based on the sending district's delay schedule, regardless of PRDS' delay schedule.

Parents are reminded that if you bring your child to school and want him/her to take the scheduled bus home, it your responsibility to contact the bus company to inform them. As several students from our schools on the Piscatawy Campus may ride the same bus, the bus may not even come to PRDS, assuming your child to be absent. Please make these calls promptly in the morning to ensure that your child has a bus ride home.

Field Trips and Required Permission

For legal and security reasons, students may not participate in field trips without signed permission from his/her parent or guardian. Permission Forms are sent home with students in advance of any school trips out of the building.

We encourage you to make sure permission slips are returned promptly so your child can participate in the various educational opportunities provided off site.