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PRDS's Mission & Values

Mission Statement 

The Piscataway Regional Day School provides specialized instruction to students with multiple disabilities in order to develop functional, independent skills at the student's potential. It involves parents in a collaborative partnership to develop student skills at school and home.
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How PRDS Reaches Its Goals and Objectives

 Our Program for Students with Multiple Disabilities 3-21, focuses on the development of independent functional skills in language, academic, social and vocational areas.

Our facility features classroom clusters to facilitate educational communities; student-centered technology; media centers with interactive technology; a student-operated full-service cafe; dedicated occupational/physical therapy room;  a vocational education room; spacious outdoor recreation/exercise areas; career awareness/transition planning, and adaptive equipment assessment.

By integrating all of these tools for learning, we are able to provide students with the skills necessary for independent living to the fullest extent possible.


Piscataway Regional Day School Brochure